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>> bret: mitt romney has a big win just three days before super tuesday. this is "special report". good evening. i'm bret baier. mitt romney picked up a major boost to his presidential campaign, taking first place in the washington state caucuses. the initial west coast contest of this season. we have fox team coverage. carl cameron is in cincinnati, ohio, ahead of super tuesday. we begin with correspondent dan springer who is live in seattle. good evening, dan. >> yeah. good evening, brett. with 62% of the vote here in washington state counted in the straw poll today, mitt romney has a lead with 37% of the vote. a short time ago, he issued a victory statement that reads in part, i'm heartened to have won the washington caucuses and i thank the voters for their support. every day that passes with barak obama in the white house is a day in which america's recovery from the economic crisis is delayed. here is how the other three candidates faired so far. ron paul at 24%. with rick santorum also at 24%. and newt gingrich at 11%. it was a day with a strong gop turnout here. it was a
>> what an incredibly close race in the state of ohio, just call aid short time ago for mitt romney. >> it's true. welcome to america's election headquarters. we were supposed to nap this afternoon and tonight, but you couldn't. you had to be glue to the screen and it's still going on. >> gregg: thanks for being with us. rick santorum and mitt romney running neck and neck in the buckeye state. the closest race. >> jamie: sips the very first contest in iowa. now to the other stage, romney has won his home state of massachusetts. he was the governor there t. really wasn't a surprise. but a win is a win is a win. he also won vermont, a state that none of the candidates chose to visit. they had new rules and it went to romney. that had to do with the way the delegates were awarded he claims a victory in virginia, where only ron paul was the other one who met the requirements to be on the ballot. out west, he takes idaho. a large mormon population, predicted to turn out for the candidate and where in 2008, interestingly, ron paul took 23% of the vote. >> gregg: rick santorum has won the
from washington, d.c.. >> good evening, i'm bret baier live in chicago where mitt romney blew through the windy city to record a major win today. rick santorum finishes second. ron paul will finish in third. and newt gingrich, fourth. we have team coverage tonight. mike emmanuel at the candidate home state of pennsylvania and carl cameron at the site of the romney celebration in illinois. hi, carl. >> hi, bret. big win for mitt romney. double digits. and early in the day aides saying they'd be happy but they're confident they're going to win. and it's a very big win for mitt romney. he's won 21 of the 33 contests that happened so far. and as he has in previous vikt floiz mention of his rivals vokusing on barack obama and his removeal from office. here is how he put it. >> our choice will not be about party, or even personality. this election will be about principle. our economic freedom will be on the ballot. i'm offering a real choice. and a new beginning. i'm running for president because i have the experience and the vision to get us out of this mess. >> bret: familiar rhet
: good evening. i'm bret baier. mitt romney held serve on his home court in michigan and swept through arizona in two crucial primary wins tuesday. now romney and the three g.o.p. challengers focus on washington state saturday and super tuesday next week. we begin the coverage with chief political correspondent carl cameron in ohio. >> with a slim 3.2-point win in michigan, mitt romney arrived in ohio, the crucial test six days from now on super tuesday. 11 states will hold contests. >> a big night last night for me. i was pleased. good news. >> michigan's 30 delegates up in the air but will be shared. >> we had a better night than reported we ran dead even in michigan. the really important part, delegates. that is what this is about. we are going to walk out of michigan with 16 delegates. he is going to walk out of michigan with 16 delegates. [ applause ] >> michigan g.o.p. officials not yet a gaited all the delegates. to date, romney has 165 overall. rick santorum, 85. gingrich, 32. ron paul, 19. it takes 1144 to win. super tuesday offers 166, the biggest day yet -- 466. the biggest
through committee last night. >>> republican presidential front ruper mitt romney is trying to establish distance from wednesday's controversy over whether his self-described consecutive positions are genuine. carl cameron reports today was about consolidating support from the right. politically and financially. >> brief media availability wednesday evening, front runner romney is front running and campaigning behind closed doors meeting with power brokers in d.c. including paul ryan and influential conservative demint who is excited about prospect of romney becoming the nominee. santorum has less nominee of romney but says it's not over. >> this race is a long way to go. it's closer than what the media perception. is we feel like we will do well saturday. >> stumping in texas, santorum for the second day in a row blasted romney for the suggestion that romney can reset the campaign like etch-a-sketch like head-to-head battle against obama. >> all the things that allow him to win the primary are unavailable for him to win the general. he knows what he is doing now can't win. he has to res
-- >> now mitt romney wins big in illinois. in his victory speech, he comes out swinging at president obama. >> now, by the way, the president's trying to erase his record, with some new rhetoric. the other day he said this, we are inventor, we are builders, we are makers of things, we are thomas edison. we are the wright brothers. we are bill gates. we are steal job it's wait, i missed that. we are steve jobs. that's true. but the problem is, he's still barack obama. >> governor romney and speaker gingrich went along with the ride. guess what? when the climate changed, they changed their position. and now they're all for drilling and they're all for oil and gas and coal. i was for it because it was the right thing to do then. i'll be for it tomorrow and the next day and the next day. i am not going to change with the climate. [cheers and applause] >> brit hume is here. good evening. and of course, everyone says, both newt gingrich and santorum, both say they are onto the next one. but this looks different? >> it does look different tonight. it's an important state. it's
at stake. also on the line, the front runner status of mitt romney. and the survival of the other three candidates. this afternoon, president obama wished romney well. sort of. >> now i understand there are some political contests going on tonight. >> what would you like to say to mitt romney? >> good luck tonight. >> no, really. >> really. >> bret: we will have full coverage of president's news conference in a moment. but first, super tuesday. rick santorum faces what many feel is a must-win situation in ohio. while a big night could give romney a huge lead in the delegate math his campaign will portray as insur mountable for his opponents. chief political correspondent carl cameron starts us off from massachusetts. >> after barn storming in ohio, mitt romney returned to massachusetts to cast a super tuesday vote for himself. >> it's greet be back home. i am hoping for a win in massachusetts. >> earlier, romney and newt gingrich addressed the apac summit via satellite. santorum appeared in person. each promised to stand with israel and take a hard line against iran. >> i will make sure
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frontrunner mitt romney continues to vow that if elected he will repeal it on day one. >> this president believes that federal bureau democrats could do a better job than you can, deciding what should be in your insurance policy and ultimately what kind of care you should receive. >> given romney's own experience in massachusetts, however, he may be a flawed messenger. according to the republic attorney general of virginia ken cuccinelli. he has not endorsed anyone in the g.o.p. primary battle brought one of the first lawsuits against the president's reform and says nominating the author of romney care will back fire. >> it doesn't have the power politically to motivate people to vote or volunteer that someone who has been a permanent opponent does. i mean, you are effectively giving that issue up if you select romney as the nominee. we may be doing that. >> for two years the white house has said the more the public learns about the law the more they like it. why are the poll numbers so bad? he blames it on attack ads. they still believe this is about messaging, not the subject of the la
. >> bret: fox news can now project that mitt romney will win the state of ohio. >> bill: mitt romney squeaks out a win in ohio but his opponents say they will continue to fight. we will have the best super tuesday coverage anywhere. karl rove, george stephanopoulos, dick morris and dennis miller will all weigh in. >> i don't know what's in rush limbaugh's heart so i'm not going to comment on the sin -- sincerity of his apology. >> bill: president obama reaping benefit over the contraception. >> you won a million dollars. >> i won a million. >> after i took the lump sum is dropped down to 700,000. >> bill: michigan gone woman wins the lottery but still using food stamps. you are not going to believe this one. >> i feel that it's okay because i have no income. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. mitt romney, the winner on super tuesday and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the governor now has more than 400 d
cameron starts our coverage tonight. >> reporter: on the eve of super tuesday, mitt romney has digit-digit lead in the national polls and bellwether of ohio he recounts his business experience over his rivals. >> other people in this race debated about the economy, they read about the economy, they talked about it in sub committee meetings but i have been in it. i have worked in business. >> it has romney up 11 points over santorum nationally. for the first time in months he has clear average in ohio polls, too. romney is up over santorum. virtual tie in margin of error. but that is a step-point shift to romney in the last week. santorum's lead among self-described ohio conservative is a 35-33 tossup. it's a virtual tie among men. romney is up nine points among women. romney is running strongest in northern and central ohio around cleveland and columbus. of the other super tuesday state, romney has leads in massachusetts, vermont, virginia and idaho. in ohio, santorum is strongest in the southwest, near the indiana and kentucky border and southeast near pennsylvania. he is ineligible
? and that's pretty cool ♪ >> shannon: while romney almost's republican challengers try to stay in bout and claim it's not over until it's over, vice president biden is starting to work from the other side of the ring. chief washington correspondent james rosen tracks the punches and counter punchs. >> joe biden. >> campaigning as an engineering firm in iowa, vice president biden unleashed a scorching attack on mitt romney, casting the g.o.p. front-runner as an enemy of american manufacturing. >> as governor of massachusetts, he repeatedly slashed funding for workforce training in manufacturing, specifically. more tax cut goes to companies that create jobs over here. the romney tax cut goes to companies that create jobs overseas. >> focused on romney's tenure at bain capital, reviving a line of attack used for a time by romney's g.o.p. rivals an the vice president also made use of mockery. >> governor romney's called the president of the united states out of touch, out of touch. romney? i mean -- [ applause ] the romney campaign shot back with a statement arguing under mr. biden's law,
of a presidential campaign. the fall-out from a very super tuesday for romney. carl cameron reports a front-runner may not have scored a knock-out punch yet he is way ahead on points. >> mitt romney works the tonight raising phones behind closed door in massachusetts after a 1% squeaker in ohio. part of his six out of ten super tuesday wins. >> counting up the delegates for the convention. it looks good. we are counting down days until november and now it's even better. >> in addition to ohio, romney won alaska, virginia, vermont, massachusetts and idaho. santorum won oklahoma, north dakota and tennessee. newt gingrich easily defended georgia. he went one for ten. nearly half the states, 22, voted. with 13 wins romney won more than half of those. santorum with seven states has under a third so far. gingrich has wins in two states. paul, none. and in the race to reach 1144 delegates. romney has 419. santorum 178. gingrich 107. paul, 47. santorum punched forward to kansas, where gingrich has chosen not to compete. tuesday, a battle royal looms in alabama and mississippi where santorum is spen
after rick santorum grabbed the most headlines and romney grabbe grabbed the most delegates in tuesday's four presidential nominating contest. here is chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> outspent and outorganized. rick santorum's deep south win in alabama and mississippi are a big jolt of momentum. bolsters the assertion that geng gingrich should bow out of the race to leave santorum as alternative to romney. >> people say you are being outspent. everybody talks about the math and all the other things that this race is inevitable. for someone who thinks this race is inevitable he is spending a lot of money against me for being inevitable. >> romneromney made a late push. came in third in alabama and mississippi. romney did win caucus in hawaii and most delegates overall last night, 41. santorum got 35. gingrich 24. paul got one. in the race for 1144 delegates needed, romney has more nan rivals combined. doubled santorum and quadruple gingrich. to come back to win, gingrich has to take whopping 74% of the delegates. romney needs half. santorum needs 66%. >> some who are very
mitt romney won in hawaii and america sam mow a. governor added 41 points to the total. rick santorum won. 252. gingrich, 131. ron paul got one delegate. very lonely he has 48. 1144 delegates are needed to win the nomination. joining us from tucson, arizona, dick morris. even though santorum is getting the headlines santorum won more delegates. does that mean anything? >> it does. romney is really on a path to most likely win the nomination. right now he has got about 53% of the delegates that have been selected. he has been at about that clip straight through. and what's happening is after march ends, you have a bunch of really important winner-take-all primaries in huge states. have you illinois next week. 69 delegates. you have new york in april which is in effect winner take all. it's sort of proportional but it's not 95 delegates, california in june, 172. new jersey 50. utah 40. and i think he is going to sweep those states. that will give him about 400 more delegates. put him at about 900ment then you have a bunch of really small statements that are also winner take all that he
of delegates on tuesday. mitt romney appears to be gaining and rick santorum is definitely attacking. >> campaigning in ohio, rick santorum had one word to describe the latest revolutio revolutions about romney's record. [ inaudible ] that was aimed at the attack on santorum and gingrich as influence peddling washington insiders after this 10-year-old rid owe reveal by abc news showed romney running for governor in 2002, promising to use his washington connection to get money for massachusetts. >> i'm a big believer to get money where the money is. the money is in washington. it learn from the olympic experience if you have people who understand how washington works and personal associations there, you can get money to help build economic development opportunities. >> aides say he is pursued fund for his state as all governors do. he was in washington state holding a nonbinding caucus tomorrow. he made no mention of his rivals. the latest quinnipiac poll shows romney closing the gap to a virtual tie. santorum, 35. romney 31 in the poll's margin of error. romney leads with moderates b
president george h.w. bush officially endorsed romney moments ago. here is a listen. >> barbara and i are to enthusiastically endorse and support our old friend mitt romney. he is a good man. he will make a great president. we wish him well. we are delighted he is here. i do think it's time for the party to get behind governor romney. and he keeps reminding me, kenny rogers there's a time to hold them and time for fold them. there is a time for people to get behind this good man. >> coming from the president and first lady, i'm honored to have your endorsen't and your support. the president indicated that we have been friends for some time. my parents were also friends of the president and the first lady. and having your support means a great deal to me on a personal basis. family basis. and also on a national basis. >> shannon: that endorsement comes on the heel of two offers of support from marco rubio and former florida governor jeb bush as reports suggest that romney and cash strapped gingrich met over the weekend. chief washington correspondent james rose season here to follow th
in an increasingly bitter race. carl cam ran begins from nearby schaumburg. >> reporter: mitt romney stopped by google's chicago office for an online hangout, ahead what have he hopes to be a decisive victory in the g.o.p. primary tonight. >> vihigh expectations. i think we are going to win here in ilfly. >> reporter: the unemployment, 9.4% is higher than the national average. rick santorum said, he doesn't care about the unemployment rate because he's interested in issues of liberty and freedom. >> i think that high unemployment is a big problem and people are suffering and my message is about jobs and the economy. >> reporter: after endorsing romney in 2008 and saying that he would be a better president than mr. obama, rick santorum said that if romney wins the nomination, people should vote for barack obama and stick with him because their policies are the same. >> desperate. have you the public going too far. i remain tolerant, by not looking at what people are saying. >> reporter: it takes 1144 to win. so far, romney has 521, more than twice rick santorum and quadruple of newt gingrich.
john roberts reports that romney campaign says a win in alabama could be icing on the cake for the front runner. >> mitt romney celebrating his birthday in mobile. the average of polls shows romney locked in a dead heat. where 77% of the voters evangelical. with southerner jeff foxworthy along for comic relief, romney made a prediction. >> we are going to win tomorrow. >> next door in mississippi, gingrich did everything he could to ensure it doesn't happen. telling them his plan for $2.50 gas is a winner. >> the president's energy plan is in cloud cuckoo land. the biggest issue this fall is drilling versus algae. $2.50 versus $10 a gallon. which future do you want for your children and your country? >> gingrich needs to win the deep south if he hopes to remain viable going forward. polls in mississippi is mixed. rick santorum coming off a big win in kansas over the weekend trails in all the surveys. trying to make up ground today he edgeed voters to trust him on energy development. >> it was tough to say that stuff from the ground is an asset, not a liability. i stood up a
at obamacare and g.o.p. front runner mitt romney. >> it's a disastrous bill that is patterned after another disastrous bill, romneycare. >> romney focused on president obama's law, not his. >> they don't a big ceremony going on, the president is not giving speeches of obamacare. that is for a reason. most americans want to get rid of it. we're among the americans. >> this is the anniversary of obamacare. obamacare does to health what obama has done to the drilling industry of louisiana. it's strangle it in paperwork. >> santorum's complained for a week that romney would be no better as president than mr. obama. notion that newt gingrich is now trashing. >> to suggest a romney presidency would not be dramatically better for any conservative than obama presidency just plain wrong. >> santorum today signaled he will back the g.o.p. standard bearer if he is not the one. >> vote for whoever the republican nominee or work for him. >> romney aides accused santorum continuing a hopeless campaign to position for another run in 2016. santorum seemed to admit it. comparing himself to a candidate who l
, once up over romney and santorum is now in a dead heat with both of them. so, so much for the g.o.p. primary hurting republicans. so much for the spin that the economy is in this major rebound. and so much for the idea that obama is sailing to re-election. of course the democrats want to change the subject to a wholly contrived war on women narrative. if there is a war on women, it's on women's pocketbooks. it's being waged by president obama. that's the memo. now on to the top story, reaction. joining me from philadelphia is jennifer brant, she is a family law attorney. okay, jennifer. fair and balanced here. tell me why laura ingraham is wrong on this. >> well, you are absolutely wrong because the republics are actually putting this issue out there and giving hillary clinton and others something to talk about. when you have someone like rush limbaugh coming out and making derogatory remarks and attacks. laura, come on, you have to agree to me that's totally offensive oand obnoxious and unnecessary. and it makes people worried. it makes women worried about what is the future an
.9 million and spent just $7.6 million. >> mitt romney a burn rate that was even worse, 289%. but he is in a contested primary and the president is not. next week all eyes will be on the new fund raising numbers that come out from the obama camp. we will have a look at what he had in february. >>> election year politics may be rehind a lot of recent talk about a world figure no longer with us. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us who that is and why we are hearing about him now. >> reporter: though osama bin laden has been dead for ten months the al-qaeda leader is making a comeback on the campaign trail. aside from the new 17 minute campaign video that showcases among other things the president's decision to take out the terror leader, washington post columnist wrote on friday that he was given an exclusive look by a senior administration official at some of the documents recovered by navy seals at bin laden's compound. they emphasize he plans to target general petraeus and president obama. the plots were first reported in july last year and according to u.s.
. thank you so much. >> bill: mitt romney once again trying to suede conservative voters to support him. this time in alabama and mississippi. but charles krauthammer has some bad news for the governor. >> female students struggle with a lack of contraceptive coverage that causes financial, emotional and medical burdens. >> bill: tonight, the factor continues its investigation into sandra fluke and how she is becoming a major player in the presidential election. we have some information that might surprise you. >> i, bill maher here, sarah palin agreed to do commentary at fox news, which is actually very similar to her day job talking to a baby with down syndrome. >> bill: outrage growing over the democratic machine accepting a million dollars from bill maher. we'll have a special report on that. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. charles krauthammer has bad news for mitt romney in a moment. we wrap up reporting on sandra fluke. for six days we h
now from washington fox news chief political analyst brit hume. mitt romney won puerto rico over the weekend and got all the delegates there good shape in illinois. is that a turning point, brit. >> could be. i doubt it 54 at stake in illinois. romney will likely get the loin share of them. santorum isn't competing for all of them because once again he had problems delegates in place late in states. santorum if he loses big tomorrow will probably want to hang on to them is louisiana coming up saturday. >> bill: saturday. >> feels like his win in the south the last time out will give him, you know, a real chance to win in louisiana. it could be a blow to him. illinois is a state that doesn't set up particularly well for him. it's an important state. it's big midwestern state. doesn't look good to lose big there. >> bill: media setting it up that illinois is more conservative now than it ever has been. and i love the media run up. that santorum could do well. because, again, we talked about this. mainstream media would love to have rick santorum as the nominee running against presi
, we will hear the two arguments tomorrow in the court. thank you. rick santorum bested mitt romney in the louisiana primary winning by more than 20 points and the former pennsylvania senator is still battling to overcome the sense of inevitability that romney will be nominee. carl cameron has a look at the state of the race. >> the fight began over the national health reform, santorum cast romney as the inspiration. >> this was a disaster in massachusetts. had the audacity to go out in 2009 and argue that barack obama follow his lead. >> in an interview with fox news, santorum went further. >> this is a discussion that started in massachusetts. with governor romney requiring every massachusetts resident to buy insurance. obama picked up that idea and applied it to the federal level. the person who started the debate and the reason we're at the supreme court is romney. >> romney ignored the rivals and and said he'd defeat obamacare. >> we're told extra $1 trillion. now the cbo says more than $2 trillion. said it would cut the cost of health insurance but it's increased the cost. >>
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 85 (some duplicates have been removed)